About us

Books From Mexico sells Mexican publications to scholars and academic libraries worldwide. We implement a variety of methods to carry out these objectives, such as providing approval plans services, publishing periodic bibliographic catalogues, identifying and acquiring publications in provincial Mexican towns and cities, searching for and quoting hard-to-find and out of print books and securely invoicing and shipping books to any address.

Approval Plans

Books From Mexico specializes in supplying new Mexican books to university and research libraries and to individual scholars, researchers and general readers. We have done so for more than 35 years. More than 40 university and research libraries in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Germany rely on Books From Mexico to provide them with current Mexican publications through approval plan arrangements. Books From Mexico works closely with individual libraries and librarians to develop a coherent acquisitions profile for each institution, thereby supplying appropriate Mexican books on time, within budget and inside defined thematic parameters.

We proudly serve the following institutional customers, among others. We invite you to contact them for their views on our services and practices. US Library of Congress, Yale University, New York Public Library, Vanderbilt University, British Library, Bancroft Library, University of California-Los Angeles, Harvard University, Arizona State University, University of New Mexico, University of Chicago, University of California-Riverside, University of Texas-Austin, Columbia University, Tulane University, University of Georgia, University of Minnesota, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, University of California-Santa Cruz, University of Colorado, University of Kansas, Cambridge University, University of Toronto, Dumbarton Oaks, New Mexico State University-Las Cruces.

All kinds of Mexican publications from all over mexico

Books From Mexico’s commitment to important world libraries means that our identification and acquisitions services for Mexican publications are decidedly comprehensive. Not only do we supply books from major and minor commercial, academic and vanity presses in Mexico City, but we also comb provincial cities and cultural centers for books produced by non-profit organizations, universities and research institutes and their remote branches, commercial corporations, private individuals, small-scale publishers, etc. We do this by maintaining a network of full-time employees living in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Merida and Guadalajara. As a result, we identify, acquire, and offer a greater number and more diverse selection of new Mexican books than any other book vendor.

Bibliographic catalogues

In addition, Books From Mexico produces and freely distributes periodic catalogues which cummulatively describe thousands of the newly published Mexican publications. We send these catalogues in pdf format as an e-mail attachment. Every entry provides a correct bibliographic representation of the book, including information regarding its critical apparatus (bibliography, bibliographic notes, charts, graphs, maps, illustrations, photos, etc.), series name and number, as well as other technical information (ISBN, physical description). Each book is clearly and precisely annotated with commentary describing its contents. Conscious of the diminishing availability of genuinely useful descriptive data in traditional bibliographic utilities, Books From Mexico strives to offer an intelligent panorama of information about the contents of each book so that librarians and scholars can make informed acquisitions decisions from afar.

Best price

Books From Mexico offers you all these services and provides one advantage not equaled by anyone: competitive prices. We charge lower prices for the same books than any other specialized book vendor working in this market niche. In some cases, our prices are routinely 40% lower than those of our competitors. How do we do this? In a word, volume.

We use volume purchasing to negotiate greater discounts from our suppliers and we pass along the savings to you. We use volume sales to spread our acquisitions costs over a greater number of customers. This means our per-unit acquisitions costs are lower than those of our competitors. (Acquisitions expenditures can be substantial for books requiring trips to provincial cities, and even in some cases, for cross-town trips in Mexico City.) For example, apart from the actual wholesale cost of books, it costs us practically the same amount of money to identify, locate and obtain, say, 25 copies of a particular work as it does to obtain, say, two to five copies of the same publication. However, we cover the cost of acquisitions from the income generated by selling 25 copies, while our two-to-five copy competitors must charge higher prices to cover the same expenses through income generated from fewer sales.

Institucional Sales

Books From Mexico offers institutional customers the advantage of payment upon receipt of materials. We include an invoice with books sent and consequently, request prompt processing and payment. (On average, we must pay our suppliers in 30 days after acquiring the books. Nonetheless, many publishers and small-time distributors demand cash for all sales. Hence, your rapid payment helps us keep prices low.)

Books From Mexico is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Selgar Corporation, a business enterprise registered in the state of California. Our US federal tax identification number is 68-212380. We can be reached by any of the following means:
  • e-mail: info@booksfrommexico.com
  • Postal mail: Post Office Box 994 Mount Shasta, California 96067-0994 USA
  • Telephone: 877-778-4775 (toll-free from USA) +52-55-5573-2914 (from outside USA)
  • Fax: 1-800-877-7153 (toll-free from USA) +52-55-5573-7215 (from outside USA)