Our amazing monthly catalogues of new and newly-acquired Mexican books are the standard by which all other book vendor catalogues are judged. The bibliographic information we provide is accurate and informative. We are famous for details such as listing the page numbers of each volume of multi-volume works; stating detailed information about footnotes and end-of-chapter notes and bibliographies; discerning between legitimate new editions and reprints with only minor changes; and for listing all of a book’s publishers and co-publishers.

We describe the contents of each publication to inform our readers about the publication’s scope, quality and nature so they can decide whether or not it is appropriate for their collections. Sure, we have favorite books and authors and fields of interest, but we try to describe each title so that our customers can make their own decisions.

Each catalogue is arranged and indexed by subject categories for quick access to topics of interest. Plus, we bring together disparate books under timely subject headings such as, “Drugs, Drug Trafficking, Narco-Politics, Narco-Society,” “Immigration Issues and Human Migrations,” and “Judaica.” Cumulatively, our acclaimed catalogues describe the contents of several thousand new Mexican publications each year. They are the bibliographic standard bearer for newly published Mexican books. Librarians, scholars and even other book sellers use our catalogues as guides to what’s new from all over Mexico.

Each book description in our catalogues also indicates the approval plan partners to whom we have sent that title. You can see at a glance if your institution has received it or not. Plus, our listings provide data on the scope of distribution of each title.