Cooperative acquisitions projects

Many university libraries are exploring cooperative acquisitions arrangements with other institutions to adapt to today’s changing needs. We participate in a growing number of such projects to pursue three objectives: 1) safeguard core collections, 2) ensure that partner institutions receive appropriate publications in the subject and geographic areas that correspond to their commitments, and 3) reduce duplications between and amongst collaborating libraries.

Books From Mexico is the most experienced specialized Mexican book vendor in cooperative acquisitions programs. Our expertise contributes to enhance core collections in partner libraries. We separate the wheat from the chaff to ensure that only the most important titles in relevant subject areas are collected in libraries that matter. We closely monitor acquisitions in partner institutions to reduce duplication of non-essential titles, while at the same time making sure that key publications are present in all.

Our cooperative acquisitions programs include such institutions as Columbia University and Cornell University, Harvard University and Yale University, Bancroft Library and UC-Berkeley Doe Library, University of California-Riverside and UCLA. Because of our experience and integrity with academic libraries, we offer discrete selection and supply of Mexican publications to guarantee effective collection collaboration between partnering libraries.

For more information about how we can partner with you and other libraries to collaborate in cooperative acquisitions programs