Key to our success are our innovative search techniques, dogged persistence and unflagging enthusiasm for finding order amid chaos. For more than four decades our mission has been to identify, acquire and supply appropriate Mexican titles in an orderly and efficient fashion.

Firm orders

Our staff of acquisition specialists is the largest and best trained among all Mexican book vendors.

Ours suppliers include academic presses, commercial publishers, private presses, NGOs, trade associations, government agencies, large publishers, individual authors, artistic societies, museums, small publishing houses, and others whose production doesn’t even appear on the radar of most booksellers.

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Approval plans

Hundreds of important academic and university libraries worldwide depend on our acumen to reinforce and enhance their traditional book selection and acquisition processes.

Every year we offer thousands of appropriate titles on a contingency basis whereby all participating libraries can return any unwanted publication for full credit. Our experience and expertise translate to a returns rate of less than two percent. We hit the target more than 98% of the time!

Subscriptions and Serials services

We do not sub-let our acquisitions and delivery services for serial publications to third parties, not even to publishers.

Every copy of every subscription title passes through our hands, so we can guarantee that you receive them promptly. Besides the usual list of oft-seen national serial titles, we also cover local, state and regional publications. We even supply Mexican publications that cannot be obtained through subscription services in Mexico!


Students, researchers, professors and other patrons frequently request libraries to acquire specific titles for immediate use.

Because we have been active participants in the Mexican academic publishing world for more than four decades, we have the contacts and wherewithal to quickly hunt down and obtain obscure and hard-to-find titles.

Cooperative acquisitions projects

Many university libraries are exploring cooperative acquisitions arrangements with other institutions to adapt to today’s changing needs. We participate in a growing number of such projects to pursue three objectives:

1) safeguard core collections

2) ensure that partner institutions receive appropriate publications in the subject and geographic areas that correspond to their commitments

3) reduce duplications between and amongst collaborating libraries.

MARC and RDA compliant cataloging

We offer RDA-compliant cataloguing records in MARC21 format for all the new books we ship. Since Mexican novedades are our speciality, more than 70% of the books we sell do not have records in OCLC’s WorldCat® when they reach your library.

We deliver catalogue records in a timely manner to ensure quick accession of new titles, plus immediate discoverability through your OPAC.

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