Since Mexican novedades are our speciality, more than 70% of the books we sell do not have records in OCLC’s WorldCat® when they reach your library. We deliver catalogue records in a timely manner to ensure quick accession of new titles, plus immediate discoverability through your OPAC.

In an era when foreign language cataloguers are becoming scarcer, it makes sense to take advantage of our professional cataloguing service.

We reduce foreign language typographic errors because our cataloguers are native Spanish language speakers. Furthermore, our staff are professional cataloguers with a minimum of 20 years experience cataloguing for academic libraries. Because we live, work, and continue to learn daily in Mexico, our application of LC Subject Headings are more detailed and specific than more generalized interpretations of content made from afar. Consequently, we generate more precise information while using international tools available through the web.

Books From Mexico is recognized as an original cataloguing agency for Mexican publications (code MX-MxBFM, LC ID number 21685).

Our cataloguing policies produce records that retain detailed information about publications that others have abandoned for cost-cutting measures.

For example, we insist on stating the number of pages of each volume of multi-volume works (i.e., 3 volumes: volume 1: 235 pages; volume 2: 849 pages; volume 3: 129 pages).

We also state in the 500 field if a publication has bibliographic notes at the end of chapters.

In the 70X field we take the time and effort to include information about all the publishers referenced on the title page, not just the principal one(s).

We populate local fields (9XX) with library-specific information to suit your accounting, record keeping, and technical needs.

To view a sample catalogue record, please contact us.

The professional staff at Books From Mexico works closely with librarians, cataloguers, and technical personnel to deliver compliant records via ftp, e-mail, or both.

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