Every copy of every subscription title passes through our hands, so we can guarantee that you receive them promptly. Besides the usual list of oft-seen national serial titles, we also cover local, state and regional publications. We even supply Mexican publications that cannot be obtained through subscription services in Mexico!

Our network of local acquisitions specialists guarantee reliable and on-time delivery of subscription titles.

We only guarantee subscriptions services when proven track records of consistent performance.  Only when we can guarantee delivery will we charge you for future fullfilment. Otherwise, we will gladly provide serial publications on a standing order basis and bill each issue as it becomes available.

We avoid the pitfalls of the Swets Syndrome by personally handling each issue of serial titles in our Mexico City offices. We do not farm out acquisition and delivery services to third parties. Because of the care we invest in servicing serial subscriptions, we guarantee replacement of missing issues.


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      Mexican literature blog

      In this blog we share knowledge, experiences and opinions of some of the Mexican publications that we have been distributing around the world for more than 40 years.

      Movimiento Zapatista

      “Aprendizajes del movimiento zapatista: de la insurgencia armada a la autonomía popular” – Lia Pinheiro Barbosa y Peter Michael Rosset Considering Mexico as a tourist destination is always a good decision. It has beautiful beaches, cenotes, forests, towns, ancient civilization ruins, exquisite cuisine, and people who always welcome tourists warmly. On the other hand, living […]

      Kermés “Editing the Everyday”

      On the rooftop of the UNAM Museum, the fourth edition of the kermesse “Editing the Everyday” took place today, Saturday, April 13th. Although it may sound unusual, it is precisely that: a kermesse. At the entrance of the museum, a stand was set up where people could get prints stamped on their skin like tattoos, […]

      Fiesta del Libro y la Rosa 2024

      From Friday, April 21st to Sunday, April 23rd, and across 3 venues, the Book and Rose Festival 2024 was presented in Mexico City. More than 220 publishers were convened, and over 7 discussion forums, book presentations, and talks were set up, in addition to offering workshops, concerts, and theater performances, all completely free and open […]