Subscriptions and Serials services

We do not sub-let our acquisitions and delivery services for serial publications to third parties, not even to publishers. Every copy of every subscription title passes through our hands, so we can guarantee that you receive them promptly. Besides the usual list of oft-seen national serial titles, we also cover local, state and regional publications. We even supply Mexican publications that can not be obtained through subscription services in Mexico!

  • Our network of local acquisitions specialists guarantee reliable and on-time delivery of subscription titles.
  • We offer subscription services for publications with proven track records of consistent performance. Only when we can guarantee delivery will we charge you for future fullfilment. Otherwise, we will gladly provide serial publications on a standing order basis and bill each issue as it becomes available.
  • We avoid the pitfalls of the Swets Syndrome by personally handling each issue of serial titles in our Mexico City offices. We do not farm out acquisition and delivery services to third parties. We wrap and label all serial titles and send them by trackable first-class mail and/or by express delivery.
  • Because of the care we invest in servicing serial subscriptions, we guarantee replacement of missing issues.
  • Request subscription information at: