La novela de las mujeres murciélago

By: Vázquez, Patricia

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LA NOVELA DE LAS MUJERES MURCIÉLAGO. / Patricia Vázquez. Guadalajara, México : Espina Dorsal, 2022. 67 pages ; 17 cm. (Colección Amnios). ISBN : 9786079974114.
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Divided into 5 parts, this collection of poems tells the story of two female fighters, each one playing for the opposite side between "técnicos" and "rudos". These poems narrate what their fights are like in the ring, their movements but at the same time it is also a story about their sexuality and how they are judged by the environment in which they operate. Patricia Vázquez has a poetry book published in 2017 with the encouragement of PECDA in Aguascalientes, just as she has contributed to state and national anthologies, participating in festivals and poetry readings in Mexico, Spain and Cuba.

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