Tuz / Estereotipia

By: Álvaro Domínguez, textos

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TUZ / ESTEREOTIPIA. / Álvaro Domínguez. Cuernavaca, Morelos, México : La Máquina Infernal, 2015. 61 pages : includes illustration ; 22 cm.
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This book of poems is divided into two parts: Tuz and Estereotipia. The author makes the clarification that it is printed in two inks in his verses, proposing the play of two voices between a man and a woman. The above opens up the possibility for the text to be read aloud to be heard and interpreted in the way the author originally imagined, even giving it theatrical aspects beyond poetry. In this same originality, the author takes the liberty of playing with the order of the verses on the page, sometimes leaving them in the air, sometimes apparently unconnected, as well as long stanzas, offering the reader a collection of poems impregnated with the personality of his writer.

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