Firm Orders

We supply publications issued in every Mexican state and Mexico City. Our staff of acquisition specialists is the largest and best trained among all Mexican book vendors. Our nationwide network of suppliers includes academic presses, commercial publishers, private presses, NGOs, trade associations, government agencies, large publishers, individual authors, artistic societies, museums, small publishing houses, and others whose production doesn’t even appear on the radar of most book sellers.

  • Unique software and a custom-built operating system allows us to avoid duplicating firm orders with approval plan selections. It also stops us from fulfilling inadvertant double orders. We request authorization before sending any publication which we have sent previously to the same library.
  • Our database of Mexican publications contains more than 80,000 titles.
  • We have in stock more than 13,000 titles.
  • Because we have participated in the Mexican publishing industry for decades, we know how and where to obtain older imprints.