Approval Plans

Hundreds of important academic and university libraries worldwide depend on our acumen to reinforce and enhance their traditional book selection and acquisition processes. Every year we offer thousands of appropriate titles on a contingency basis whereby all participating libraries can return any unwanted publication for full credit. Our experience and expertise translate to a returns rate of less than two percent. We hit the target more than 98% of the time!

  • No two university or research libraries are alike. We employ an exclusive approval plan profile to drill down to the unique collection requirements of each library. In this era of library redefinition, we let your specifications fine tune our selection criteria to achieve the most relevant array of publications appropriate to your institutional and historical idiosyncracies.
  • We do not engage in monkey business. We respect our approval partner’s budgets and observe them carefully. We avoid cost overruns and we spread shipments of books evenly over the course of the year.
  • If returns are necessary, they can be sent to our US address where customs requirements are straightforward and delivery trustworthy.
  • Key personnel on our staff are professional librarians, many with year’s of experience in identifying and acquiring Mexican academic publications. They know both sides of the coin: institutional library requirements and Mexican procurement intricacies.
  • The priviledge of partnering with many academic libraries for so many years has provided us with the tools and temperment to understand and fulfill your needs for Mexican publications better than anyone else.
  • Libraries love our approval plans because they trust our judgment, perseverence, integrity, and discernment.
  • Some of our approval plan partners include the following:

The Library of Congress (US)
University of Texas – Austin
University of Chicago
New York Public Library
Harvard University
Yale University
Bancroft Library
British Library
Yale University
Cornell University
Cambridge University
University of California – Santa Cruz

Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (Germany) Stanford University University of Toronto (Canada) Oxford University (Great Britain) Linga Bibliotek (Germany) University of California – Los Angeles Tulane University University of Iowa Emory University University of California – Riverside Brown University Columbia University

We list these institutions so you can ask them for their feedback about our services.

If you want to explore additional facets of approval plan benefits with Books From Mexico, please fill the form: