Sk’ejimol Ch’ulelaltik: El canto de las almas

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SK'EJIMOL CH'ULELALTIK : EL CANTO DE LAS ALMAS. / María Concepción Bautista Vázquez. Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México : Gobierno de Chiapas , Dirección General de Vinculación Cultural , Consejo Estatal para las Culturas y las Artes, 2019. 85 pages : includes illustrations ; 21 cm. (Serie Tz'akbu Ajaw. Poesía Jaime Sabines). ISBN : 9786078471911.
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María Concepción Bautista Vázquez studied Pedagogy at the Maya University and was awarded a scholarship from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts to develop her skills in literature, film scripts and indigenous languages. Originally from the Tsotsil community, the author presents a series of poems inspired by the thinking-feeling of the Huixtecs, subtly representing aspects relevant to this community, such as nature and spirituality. This copy is a bilingual Spanish-Tsotsil edition and has an alphabet in Tsotsil to enrich the reading experience.

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