Caminos del villismo

By: Fernando Suárez Estrada

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CAMINOS DEL VILLISMO : DE LA HACIENDA DE BUSTILLOS A LA EPOPEYA. / Fernando Suárez Estrada. Chihuahua, México : Doble Hélice Ediciones ; Áster Ediciones, 2005. 99 pages : includes notes, bibliography ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9687731575 (Doble Hélice Ediciones) ; 9709417312 (Áster Ediciones).
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The author, based Francisco Villa's life, combines essay and story to evoke key moments that occurred in the Mexican Revolution. He talks about the Commander of the Northern Division, reviews historical, journalistic and literary texts, transforming them into a narrative that covers the beginning of the path that the leader traveled, starting at the Hacienda de Bustillos (today Ciudad Cuauhtémoc). Analyzing the circumstances in which the hard and political decisions of the revolution were made, he does not fail to have a sensitive and refined point of view about the events.

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