Comunicación y cultura


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COMUNICACIÓN Y CULTURA : PERSPECTIVAS PARA LA RECONFIGURACIÓN DE IDENTIDADES, NUEVAS DISPUTAS POR EL PODER, CONSUMOS E INDUSTRIAS CULTURALES EN TIEMPOS DE CONVERGENCIA DIGITAL. / Maricela Portillo, Julia Palacios (coordinators). Ciudad de México, México : Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México , Biblioteca Francisc Xavier Clavijero, 2020. 191 pages : includes photos, charts, tables, map, references at the end of each chapter ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9786074176629.
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Throughout these essays, a proposal for theoretical-methodological reflection is presented to think about identity and power within the framework of the transformation that occurs around consumption and cultural industries in Latin America. Among the authors there is an interest in analyzing the problems of communication in relation to power, ideology, image, new audiovisual narratives, discourse, identities, the body, space, representations, imaginaries and practices. social. The common point of these works is the reflection on the reconfiguration of cultural production, formats and the rearrangement of cultural industries in a global-local dynamic.

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