Extrañamiento, extinción y restauración de la Compañía de Jesús

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EXTRAÑAMIENTO, EXTINCIÓN Y RESTAURACIÓN DE LA COMPAÑÍA DE JESÚS : LA PROVINCIA MEXICANA. / María Cristina Torales Pacheco, Juan Carlos Casas García (coordinators, editors). Ciudad de México, México : Universidad Iberoamericana ; Universidad Pontificia de México ; Sociedad Mexicana de Historia Eclesiástica, 2017. 618 pages : includes photos, tables, references, bibliography ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9786074174465 (IBERO) ; 9786077837275 (UPM). 
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As a way to commemorate the second Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Company of Jesus by Pope Pius VII, this work is carried out, which includes 17 studies carried out by Mexican and foreign historians, on a topic of transcendental importance such as the estrangement, extinction and restoration of the aforementioned religious Order in New Spain. Divided into 5 sections, these investigations address the main aspects that this historical process had: the expulsion and extinction of the Jesuits, the departures and arrival to El Puerto, cultural expressions of the expulsions before and after 1767, the absence of the “ soldiers of Christ” and the ephemeral Restoration.

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