Gramáticas jesuíticas del noroeste Novohispano (siglos XVII-XVIII)

By: Rosío del Carmen Molina Landeros

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GRAMÁTICAS JESUÍTICAS DEL NOROESTE NOVOHISPANO (SIGLOS XVII-XVIII). / Rosío del Carmen Molina Landeros. Mexicali, Baja California, México : Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, 2016. 386 pages : includes tables, map, references, photos, bibliography ; 21 cm. (Selección Anual para el Libro Universitario). ISBN : 9786076073124.
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This work is dedicated to describing five colonial arts, which in turn function as linguistic manuals, from two methodological positions: linguistic historiography and discourse analysis. These sections are: Art and vocabularies of the Dohema, Heve or Eudeve language; Compendium of the art of the language of the Tarahumaras and Guazapares; Art of the Tegüina language, commonly called Opata; Art of the Cáhita language; Art of the Tepeguana language. The author's intention is to address grammatical descriptions of languages, making a review of the Latin grammatical tradition; as well as analyze how the missionary ideology of the authors is evident in the grammatical texts.

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