Lengua soy : Ni nenepil


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LENGUA SOY : NI NENEPIL. / Katalina Ramírez. Puebla, Mexico : Sello Editorial del Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Puebla ; Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, 2017. 83 pages ; 16 cm. (Colección Parián). ISBN : 9786077901945. 
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Collection of poems by Katalina Ramírez, in a bilingual presentation between Nahuatl and Spanish. The author presents these poems in this dialogue format to allude to the way in which Hernán Cortés communicated with Malintzi. In this sense, while the poems work on their own, they also narrate the story of these two characters, in a symbolic way. Focused on Malintzi's point of view, this collection of poems is divided into three parts, presenting three different moments in her life: her infatuation with Hernán Cortés, her dedication as a translator and, finally, the moment when Cortés leaves her to return to Spain and she stays in her land, with her dead.

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