San Antonio la Isla

By: Raymundo César Martínez García, Gustavo Jaimes Vences (coordinators)

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SAN ANTONIO LA ISLA. / Raymundo César Martínez García, Gustavo Jaimes Vences (coordinators). Estado de México, México : El Colegio Mexiquense, 2022. 176 pages : includes photos, tables, color chart, charts, illustrations, maps, references at the end of each chapter, bibliography ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9786078836246.
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Research about the ancient pre-Hispanic settlements in the area of San Antonio la Isla, grouped into six chapters with three main headings: Archaeology, History and Heritage. The first part is the archaeological explorations that were carried out on the ancient settlements. The second recounts the journey that the former inhabitants followed to achieve the legal status of a municipality in the XIX century, as well as the popular religious festivals of the area. The third part presents a study of the Techialoyan-Tepemaxalco Municipal Museum, which addresses the history of its construction and collection made up of archaeological, wood and bone pieces.

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