Aromas de pólvora quemada

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AROMAS DE PÓLVORA QUEMADA : MÚSICA Y CANTOS DE BANDIDOS. / Juan Frajoza (coordinator). Ciudad de México, México : Gobierno de México , Secretaría de Cultura , Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2019. 345 pages : includes photos, CDs, bibliography ; 15 cm. (Serie Testimonio Musical de México). ISBN : 9786075393704.
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The corrido expresses the popular social memory through which, among others, social bandits, feats and memorable events parade, and support axiological considerations that function as elements of group identification. This text aims to address two topics: the corridistic tradition in the mid-XIX century between the northeastern border of Mexico and southern Texas, and the temporal delimitation of the corrido into three stages - the ascending period (1875-1910), the culminating period (1910-1930), the period of decline (1930-1958)―. This title offers the history of corridos, presenting some of its best-known exponents and works, including 2 CDs recorded with representative corridos.

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