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Combatiendo la anomia: Protesta y movimientos sociales en el Juárez del siglo XXI

By: Carlos Murillo González

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COMBATIENDO LA ANOMIA : PROTESTA Y MOVIMIENTOS SOCIALES EN EL JUÁREZ DEL SIGLO XXI. / Carlos Murillo González. Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México : Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, 2023. 103 pages : includes references, bibliography ; 22 cm. (Premio Nacional de Crítica Literaria y Ensayo Político "Guillermo Rousset Banda" 2022). ISBN : 9786075204727.
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Anomie is a concept that is used in societies without laws or that have them, but they are not respected due to phenomena such as disenchantment with institutions, distrust with peers and extreme cases such as the normalization of violence. Through activism, protest and social movements, understood as expressions that show the degree of interest and participation of its inhabitants in public issues, this title offers a proposal to analyze the scope of the political culture of Ciudad Juárez. This essay is based on the fact that the state can use the absence of law as a strategy to keep the population divided and in conflict, making social norms or conventions obsolete, causing anomie to be an ideal to achieve.

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