Conflictos entre mundos

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CONFLICTOS ENTRE MUNDOS : NEGACIÓN DE LA ALTERIDAD, DIFERENCIA RADICAL, ONTOLOGÍA POLÍTICA. / Omar Felipe Giraldo (coordinator) ; Federico Valdéz Bize, Romina Martínez Velarde, Mariana Borja Hernández, Fernando Limón Aguirre, Alberto Vallejo Reyna. Quintana Roo, México : El Colegio de la Frontera Sur ; Ciudad de México, México : Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2022. 305 pages : includes notes, photos, illustrations, semblances, bibliography ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9786078767502 (ECOSUR) ; 9786075395883 (ENAH).
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Taking as a starting point the program of political ontology and ontological conflicts proposed by Mario Blaser, Marisol de la Cadena and Arturo Escobar, this collective work is presented, which aims to analyze in ethnographic detail four experiences distributed between Mexico and Guatemala. This program highlighted the misunderstandings that arise when the ontology of moderns assumes that in a territorial conflict there is only one objective vision and not a vision divided by perspectives. The authors intend to shed light on the idea of building a pluriversal civilization capable of territorializing the certainty and inertia of each part, while allowing the territorialization of the worlds with which it encounters.

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