Danza Folklórica Mexicana: en educación básica

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DANZA FOLKLÓRICA MEXICANA : EN EDUCACIÓN BÁSICA. / Josefina Arellano Chávez. México, D.F. : Trillas, 2009. 128 pages : includes tables, color photos, name index, bibliography ; 27 cm. (Serie Bailes del folklor mexicano). ISBN : 9786071702715.

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Mexican folk dance oscillates between culture and education, without omitting that education is culture and vice versa. The purpose of this text is to provide theoretical and practical ideas to educators who coordinate educational activities in schools, and seeks to answer questions such as what folk dance is, how dance is worked and used in schools, what it is for folk dance and whether it can provide significant learning to folk dance. In this way, the content of this title leads to contextualizing a dance or a dance in school, the approach to contexts and for what or how dance and dance contribute to human and social development.

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