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Diálogos transcontinentales

By: R. Aidá Hernández Castillo.

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DIÁLOGOS TRANSCONTINENTALES : ALIANZAS ACTIVISTAS CON LOS PUEBLOS INDÍGENAS DE CANADÁ, MÉXICO Y AUSTRALIA. / Editado por R. Aidá Hernández Castillo, Suzi Hutchings y Brian Noble. Ciudad de México : Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, 2021. 274 pages : 23 cm. Bibliography at the end of each chapter. Includes bibliographic references ISBN 9786079936808 ; 9786074866131.
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Series of dialogues debating the geographical hierarchy as has been established between the North and South hemispheres, where the latter continues to be considered as the region designated for field work and the former where such work is systematized and theorized. Presents dialogues about indigenous communities in Canada, Mexico and Australia, reflections about anthropological perspectives, the role of feminism and decolonization in intercultural dialogues, public policies of property law and human rights policies advocating for these communities.

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