El Carnaval en el estado de Hidalgo

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EL CARNAVAL EN EL ESTADO DE HIDALGO. / Artemio Arroyo Mosqueda.  Pachuca, Hidalgo, México : Gobierno del Estado de Hidalgo , Consejo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Hidalgo , Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, 2011. 185 pages : color photos, bibliography ; 26 cm. ISBN : 9786077878209.
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The essay presented here aims to offer a general and brief overview of the carnival in the state of Hidalgo, based on historical and field data, from recent dates (2009 and 2010), which provide data on the celebrations that take place in some relationships. of the state. This social phenomenon has great relevance in the lives of individuals, since it goes beyond fun, reaching reflection, touching analytical points about living, becoming and the hope of being. This text works as a dissemination and as an interpretation of the paradigm of carnival as a cultural manifestation, accompanied by color photographs that show the carnival.

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