El incidente de suspensión en el amparo indirecto contra un acto de expropiación

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EL INCIDENTE DE SUSPENSIÓN EN EL AMPARO DIRECTO CONTRA UN ACTO DE EXPROPIACIÓN : TEORÍA Y PRAXIS DE UN ESTUDIO DE CASO. / Dafne Cecilia Sánchez Mendoza, Daffnia Isabel Sánchez Mendoza, Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez. Ciudad de México, México : MAPorrúa, 2021. 162 pages : include semblances, bibliography ; 23 cm. (Serie Las ciencias  Sociales Cuarta Década).  ISBN : 9786079910068.
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Research that combines theory with praxis is considered valuable for law students, trial lawyers and legal operators who are interested in the protection matter provided for in articles 103 and 107 of the Mexican Constitution. This work can arouse general interest, since it brings together both theory and practice, as well as the scientific explanation and implementation of the suspension incident and its processing. An example is made of the function as litigants, the structure of agreements in the incidental notebook, the way of displaying the guarantee that is established as a measure of effectiveness and the structure and preparation of the interlocutory resolution.

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