Entre la memoria y la justicia: Experiencias latinoamericanas sobre guerra sucia y defensa de derechos humanos

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ENTRE LA MEMORIA Y LA JUSTICIA : EXPERIENCIAS LATINOAMERICANAS SOBRE GUERRA SUCIA Y DEFENSA DE DERECHOS HUMANOS. / Rubén Ruiz Guerra (coordinator). México, D.F. : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Centro Coordinador y Difusor de Estudios Latinoamericanos, 2005. 257 pages : bibliographic references, bibliography ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9703229972.
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The construction of the future of Latin American societies has as an imperative the recognition of the most basic rights of all Latin Americans, among them truth and justice. The social demand for clarification of the episodes that have been generically known as the “Guerra sucia” –dirty war– has not been able to obtain a response. This title is the product of dialogue between academics, officials from various state institutions for the defense of Human Rights and the administration of justice, as well as members of social organizations that have made the subject the motive of their actions.

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