La Respuesta Liberal


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LA RESPUESTA LIBERAL. / David Medina Portillo (selector). Ciudad de México, México : El Equilibrista Otra Vez ; Arte & Cultura , Grupo Salinas, 2019. 397 pages : includes bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9786079839024.
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Collection of essays where liberal thought is expressed in a very diverse way, but within that diversity it proposes a possible response to complex solutions: when in doubt, freedom. Among the writers we can find Daniel Cosío Villegas, Octavio Paz, John K. Galbrait, Gabriel Zaid and Daniel Bell. In his writings they develop topics such as freedom, which in itself establishes that no man abuse his own freedom in order to harm the freedom of others; freedom as a fundamental right, but with its limits in the freedom of others; the freedom that promotes the formation of men; and finally, the freedom that makes a better society possible.

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