El legislador Ponciano Arriaga, 1811-1863

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EL LEGISLADOR PONCIANO ARRIAGA, 1811-1863. / México, D.F. : Cámara de Diputados , LXI Legislatura , Consejo Editorial ; Miguel Angel Porrúa, 2011. 165 pages : includes bibliography ;  21 cm. (Serie La Historia). ISBN : 9786074015164. 
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The fundamental objectives of the Editorial Council of the Chamber of Deputies are to contribute to the strengthening of the democratic environment and expand the dissemination of legislative and parliamentary culture, through the publication of works that promote knowledge and historical memory of our country. In this title is the story of Ponciano Arriaga, also known as “Father of the Constitution” thanks to his extensive political career, and his social and agrarian ideas. He was also a Mexican constituent lawyer, with a liberal and federalist tendency. He supported the government of Benito Juárez and fought against Antonio López de Santa Anna.

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