Hacia otras economías para dignificar las condiciones de vida de las y los migrantes en México, Colombia, Argentina y Uruguay

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HACIA OTRAS ECONOMÍAS PARA DIGNIFICAR LAS CONDICIONES DE VIDA DE LAS Y LOS MIGRANTES EN MÉXICO, COLOMBIA, ARGENTINA Y URUGUAY. / Leïla Oulhaj (coordinator). Ciudad de México, México : Universidad Iberoamericana, 2022. 452 pages : includes illustrations, tables, charts, graphics, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9786074179545.
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The intention of these texts is to make known the realities experienced by the vast majority of the population of Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay for which forced migration and the violation of the human rights of migrants represent an increasing problem. more serious. Through 9 case studies included here, the authors maintain that it is necessary to build a different economy, in which the person must be at the center regardless of their origin, gender, religion, race or culture; an economy capable of dignifying, building, empowering and propelling people towards more just and supportive societies.

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