Historia mínima de las relaciones multilaterales de México

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HISTORIA MÍNIMA DE LAS RELACIONES MULTILATERALES DE MÉXICO. Claude Heller. Ciudad de México, México : El Colegio de México, 2021. 305 pages : includes bibliography ; 21 cm.  (Colección Historias Mínimas). ISBN : 9786075642345 (Volumen) ; 9786075641737 (complete collection).
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Through multilateral diplomacy, Mexico has developed initiatives and assumed positions that caused notable changes in the main issues on the international agenda. In the same way, for the country's immediate geopolitical environment, it helped mitigate asymmetries in inter-American relations in the face of conflicts that arose on the continent, testing receiving principles of Mexican foreign policy. This is a review of the trajectory of Mexican multilateralism, and how it has developed due to the growing interdependence of the domestic agenda on the environment, migration, drugs and regional security.

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