Comunismo y anticomunismo en el debate mexicano

By: Carlos Illades, Daniel Kent Carrasco

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HISTORIA MÍNIMA DEL COMUNISMO Y ANTICOMUNISMO EN EL DEBATE MEXICANO. / Carlos Illades, Daniel Kent Carrasco. Ciudad de México, México : El Colegio de México, 2022. 271 pages : includes bibliography ; 21 cm. (Colección Historias Mínimas). ISBN : 9786075643441 (volumen) ; 9786075641737 (colección).
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After the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, communism was considered over, but its memory and emancipatory ideals still resonate in certain environments, just as political language intermittently revives it. As old as communism, and accompanying it on its trajectory, is anti-communism, whose ideology is nebulous and more complicated to grasp. The authors of this volume of Historias Mínimas collection consider that both currents must be studied together to be able to understand them in their breadth, on this occasion they open the Mexican public debate to do so.

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