Javier Marín: Escultura

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JAVIER MARÍN : ESCULTURA. / San Luis Potosí, México : Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno del Estado de San Luis Potosí ; Museo Federico Silva ; Ciudad de México, México : UBS ; Terreno Baldío Arte, 2008. 41 pages : includes color photos, references ; 37 cm.
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Javier Marín is a michoacan artist concerned about a certain fatal destiny of the human being, which he tries to capture in his art, which has been classified as having “turbulent expressiveness”, making it transcend into the field of sculpture. His style is linked to classicism and his analogy with Michelangelo is also striking; like his use of light, space, movement and material, they are of Rodinian heritage. Throughout these pages you can find photographs of his sculptures, being in various exhibitions, both group and individual, throughout Mexico, the United States, Italy, Canada, Japan, Colombia, Lithuania, France, Guatemala and Paraguay.

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