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La ciudad perdida

By: Grégory Pereira y Eliseo F. Padilla Gutiérrez (coordinators)

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LA CIUDAD PERDIDA : RAÍCES DE LOS SOBERANOS TARASCOS. / Grégory Pereira, Eliseo F. Padilla Gutiérrez (coordinators). Ciudad de México, México : Gobierno de la Ciudad de México , Secretaría de Cultura ; Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia , Ediciones Museo Nacional de Antropología ; Centro de Estudios Mexicanos y Centroamericanos, 2018. 121 pages : includes color photos, color illustrations, maps, bibliography ; 28 cm. ISBN : 9786075391175 (MNA) ; 9782111521360 (CEMCA).
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Mechuacan was the name in the Nahuatl language of the Tarascan kingdom; its descendants established the ruling dynasty in the Pátzcuaro basin, independent of the Mexica empire. In 1980, a group of archaeologists entered the region of the Zacapu basin with the aim of recognizing and discovering the occupation of the established societies of the Lost City, the name by which Malpaís Prieto is known, a settlement linked to Chichimeca groups-uacúsechas. This book presents, together with the homonymous exhibition to which it accompanies and complements, for the first time excavated archaeological objects, while integrating some selected pieces from the Collection of the National Museum of Anthropology, coming from the same region and never before exhibited.

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