La modernidad en la biblioteca del niño mexicano: Posada, Frías, Maucci

By: Helia Bonilla Reyna

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LA MODERNIDAD EN LA BIBLIOTECA DEL NIÑO MEXICANO : POSADA, FRÍAS, MAUCCI. / Helia Bonilla Reyna, Marie Lecouvey. México, D.F. : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, 2015. 208 pages : includes color photos, tables, index, references, bibliography ; 27 cm.ISBN : 9786070265990.
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This title is presented as one of the first studies on the collection of the Biblioteca del niño mexicano, as an editorial, literary and graphic product, which promoted access to reading for a specific sector of the population. This collection consisted of 110 fascicles dedicated to the dissemination of Mexican history among the children of the Porfiriato, written by Heriberto Frías and illustrated by José Guadalupe Posada. This research was based on the general assumption that during the Porfiriato the modernizing desires influenced, not without tension and contradictions, art, thought, daily practices and institutions.

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