La raíz de la humedad


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LA RAÍZ DE LA HUMEDAD. / Nithia Castorena-Saénz. Chihuahua, México : Medusa Editores, 2023. 98 pages : 20 cm. ISBN : 9786075985527.

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The author captures through poems part of her experiences as a woman born in an environment of economic deprivation in northern Mexico, recounting her childhood, through adolescence, to her adulthood. These are long poems, whose verses do not seek rhyme or large stanzas, since what they seek to highlight are mainly the themes: social and economic inequality, educational problems in provincial areas - whose vision is more forceful due to the fact that that the author is also a teacher― and the obstacles that being a woman has posed for her in her context, especially when she lives in the desert of Ciudad Juárez where countless women have disappeared over the years.

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