La villa de los vegetales y otros visitantes: Uts’a ún’e ki kít aki úts’a ndi títá chicch’e énzer

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LA VILLA DE LOS VEGETALES Y OTROS VISITANTES : ÚTS'A ÚN'E KI KÍT' AKI ÚTS'A NDI TÍTÁ CHÍCCH'E ÉNZER : THE VEGETABLES VILLAGE AND OTHER VISITORS. / Salvador De la Tejera Alcalde. Guanajuato, México : Gobierno del Estado de Guanajuato , Museo Iconográfico del Quijote ; Marga GTO Guanajuato ; Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, A.C. ; Fundación Cervantina de México, A.C. , 2023. 69 pages : includes color illustrations ; 24 cm. ISBN : 9786078687183.​​
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This narrative follows the journey of three brothers who arrive at a place called La Villa de los Vegetales, where they meet a series of colorful and friendly characters, who will guide them throughout their journey, leaving them various teachings. This illustrated text proposes a narrative that includes riddles, recipes and games, thus becoming dynamic and fun. The author's intention is not only to tell a story, but to show the value of foods in themselves, as well as to encourage living a life with awareness about food and how we consume it. This is a multilingual Spanish-Uzá-English edition.

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