Castillos que se incendian


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CASTILLOS QUE SE INCENDIAN. José Luis Zárate. Monterrey, México : Regia Cartonera, 2012. 90 pages : includes portrait, semblance ; 22 cm. (Serie Narrativa).
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José Luis Zárate is an essayist, poet and narrator, he has won various awards and is a pioneer of electronic literature. His work makes him part of a renewing movement in mexican literature at the end of the XX century, which abandons what the author considers “prevailing nationalism” and seeks to become more universal. Faithful to his style that seeks originality, in this title there are brief narratives that do not cover more than one page, and can sometimes function as both a story and a poem. This title belongs to Regia Cartonera, and is a hand-bound copy with a hand-painted cover.

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