Mercado sexual juvenil en Ciudad Juárez

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MERCADO SEXUAL JUVENIL EN CIUDAD JUÁREZ : DE LAS TRAYECTORIAS SENSIBLES DEL RELATO JUVENIL, AL RÉGIMEN SOCIOESTÉTICO DE LA EXCLUSIÓN-NEGACIÓN. / Salvador Salazar Gutiérrez. Aguascalientes, México : Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, 2021. 231 pages : includes photos, charts, tables, bibliography ; 22 cm. (Serie Investigación). ISBN : 9786078782710.
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Result of a line of research generated in 2015, while working with interviews with young sex workers—both women and men—focused on their experiences in the world of the sexual market and the biographical experience that took them there. Contextualizing this, we find a panorama of precariousness and violence, which is what commonly drives young people to venture into sex work. Upon entering this world, they continue to experience more and diverse forms of violence, even reaching juvenicide, which has become a constant for a number of young people in various regions of the country.

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