Mujeres tras las rejas de Pinochet: Testimonios de tres ex-presas políticas de la dictadura

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MUJERES TRAS LAS REJAS DE PINOCHET : TESTIMONIO DE TRES EX PRESAS POLÍTICAS DE LA DICTADURA. / Vivian Lavín. Toluca, Estado de México, México : Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México , Secretaría de Difusión Cultural , Humanismo que Transforma ; Santiago de Chile, Chile : Ediciones Radio Universidad de Chile, 2015. 261 pages : includes photos ; 22 cm.  (Colección Cuadernos Institucionales ; Serie Literatura y Ensayo). ISBN : 9786074226577.
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The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico continues the tradition of friendship and collaboration between Mexico and Chile, with the publication of this title. Like Gabriela Mistral, poet who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945, who migrated to Mexico seeking refuge from the Chilean dictatorship, these women share the memory of their lives, which are rooted in the anti-dictatorial struggle. These women were considered terrorists during the dictatorship and their defenses meant questioning within human rights organizations; despite this, they made the decision to recover their voice and tell their story here.

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