Ta JK’optik

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TA JK'OPTIK. / Xun Betan (editor). Jobel, Chiapas, México : Ediciones Sna Jkoptik, 2019. 40 pages : includes illustrations, color photos ; 21 cm.
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Xun Betan studied social anthropology at the Autonomous University of Chiapas and is a poet, researcher, translator, interpreter and promoter of the Tsotsil language. Ta jK'optik is an independent and self-managed magazine that aims to promote, disseminate and share literature written in native Tsotsil and Tseltal languages, led by Xun Betan, coordinator of the magazine and the literary collective Snichimal Vayuchil. In this issue of the magazine you can find articles about weaving in Chiapas, corn, how women are seen; as well as some poems. All these texts are in native languages and are accompanied by color photographs.

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