Testamentos de mujeres indígenas culhuacanas siglo XVI

By: Clara Ramírez

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TESTAMENTOS DE MUJERES INDÍGENAS CULHUACANAS : SIGLO XVI. / Clara Ramírez, Claudia Llanos (editors). Ciudad de México, México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Instituto de Investigaciones sobre la Universidad y la Educación, 2020. 245 pages : includes references, bibliography,  name index ; 19 cm. ISBN : 9786073037686 (volumen) ; 9786070253041 (collection).
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This title is part of the collection "Writings of Women from the XVI to the XVII centuries, which aims to rescue and put into circulation the works that women wrote at that time. The authors belonged to various social and economic strata, so that their writings and formats are diverse. In this volume of the collection, 24 wills dictated to nahuatla notaries between 1577 and 1589 are recovered, where women expressed their last will, testifying how little or how much they had, serving today to know their material life. group of indigenous women, their family relationships and the use of names. This work is also a Nahuatl-Spanish edition.

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