Tierra y sociedad: La apropiación del suelo en la región de Chalco durante los siglos XV-XVII

By: Tomás Jalpa Flores

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TIERRA Y SOCIEDAD : LA APROPIACIÓN DEL SUELO EN LA REGIÓN DE CHALCO DURANTE LOS SIGLOS XV-XVII. / Tomás Jalpa Flores. México, D.F. : Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2008. 262 pages : includes tables, charts, maps, bibliography ; 26 cm. (Colección Científica ; Serie Historia). ISBN : 9789680303137.
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The objective of this study is land ownership in the province of Chalco during the XV-XVII centuries, a region that is inserted within the broader territorial framework of the basin of Mexico, which made it a neuralgic point within the system. of communications. The work is divided into four parts: the first is dedicated to the landscape, studying the transformation of the geographical environment since pre-hispanic times; The second studies the population and the changes generated as a result of its reorganization, in pre-hispanic and colonial times; the third deals with the land distribution process and studies the different mechanisms of appropriation; The fourth chapter is dedicated to the characteristics and evolution of properties in Chalco in the XV and XVII centuries.

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