Ts’unun: Los sueños del colibrí: Poemario en cuatro lenguas de Chiapas


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TS'UNUN : LOS SUEÑOS DEL COLIBRÍ : POEMARIO EN CUATRO LENGUAS DE CHIAPAS : CH'OL, TSOTSIL, ZOQUE Y TSELTAL. / Canario de la Cruz, Mikel Ruiz, Lyz Sáenz, Antonio Guzmán. Chiapas, México : Secretaría de Cultura , Gobierno del Estado de Chiapas ,  Programa de Apoyos a las Culturas Municipales y Comunitarias , Consejo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Chiapas , Abriendo caminos, 2017. 55 pages : includes color illustrations, semblances ; 17 cm. ISBN : 9786078533053.
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This title compiles poems by four authors who show us, through their letters, a world full of beauty, charm and subtlety. These poems do not need more than a few verses to portray nature, feelings, as well as the small and everyday things that are usually overlooked; They are short and concise, but overflowing with the essence of each of their writers. Accompanied by some color illustrations, the images created with the word stand out and resonate, each one in its original language. This is a multilingual edition in Ch'ol-Tsotsil-Zoque-Tseltal-Spanish.

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