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Variedad y diversidad

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    Mexican literature blog

    In this blog we share knowledge, experiences and opinions of some of the Mexican publications that we have been distributing around the world for more than 40 years.

    Anarchist Book and Publications Fair – 2024

    Los punks-nahuales del Estado de México están escondidos en las calles, resistiendo y luchando en una pelea sin fin contra la policía, la opresión y el status-quo. O al menos así es en el cómic de Arte Subversivo Hakai Teki Ato, quien presenta sus cómics, fanzines e ilustraciones impresas en tote-bags, pines y cartones en […]

    “¡Viva Aguascalientes! Que su feria es un primor: Historia de las peleas de gallos en Aguascalientes, siglos XVIII-XX”

    At #4129 South 75th Street in the Asturias neighborhood, there was until a few years ago a house known as “The House of the Roosters.” Partly because there was a painting of a rooster on its facade, but mainly because it indicated that there was a workshop for cockfighting knives in that house. The workshop […]

    The Material Fair—World Art Book Fair—Qipo Fair

    I consider myself a city mouse, in contrast to Aesop’s country mouse. I have lived all my life in Mexico City, I have walked it many times from north to south, from east to west, and from top to bottom in its skyscrapers. However, it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how much […]