Campamento migrante: Espera, asistencia y acción

By: Eduardo Torre Cantalapiedra

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CAMPAMENTO MIGRANTE : ESPERA, ASISTENCIA Y ACCIÓN. / Eduardo Torre Cantalapiedra. Tijuana, Baja California, México : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 2023. 334 pages : includes graphics, photos, bibliography ; 21 cm. ISBN . 9786074795370.
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In a context of Mexican and US immigration policies that compel migrants to wait in Mexico's border cities, their experiences and their defenders in the “El Chaparral” camp in Tijuana offer a novel look at the actions of migrants. This title analyzes and reflects on the political strategies that the camped migrants carried out to claim their right to asylum and gain access to the United States, despite the precariousness and risk that it implied for their lives. In addition, photographs of the camp and its surroundings are included, as well as graphs with specific data about this phenomenon.

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