Cultura e identidad transfronteras: Historia, sociedad, arte y discurso

By: editora y compiladora, Lidia Rodríguez Alfano.

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CULTURA E IDENTIDAD TRANSFRONTERAS : HISTORIA, SOCIEDAD, ARTE Y DISCURSO. / Lidia Rodríguez Alfan (compilator). New York, United States : Legas, 2012. 428 pages : includes color photos, color charts, tables, maps, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 23 cm. (Serie Latin America in the 21st century). ISBN : 9781897493335 (volumen) ; 1897493339 (serie).
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The differences between the inhabitants of northern Mexico and the southern United States result in a joint border culture that is determined by their socio-historical and political contexts. This title is presented with the objective of revealing, in the global panorama, some historical events that have influenced the current situation, both in society, the economy and politics, as well as in the culture of the border between Mexico and the United States years after the formation of the Free Trade Agreement. Divided into 18 chapters written by different authors, each one takes a multidisciplinary approach inspired by dynamic concepts from chaos and complexity theories.

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