Capirato: Prehispánico, colonial, independiente y actual

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CAPIRATO : PREHISPÁNICO, COLONIAL, INDEPENDIENTE Y ACTUAL. / Jesús Lamberto Martínez Aldana. Culiacán Rosales, Sinaloa, México : Creativos7 Editorial, 2018. 308 pages : includes color photos, map, bibliography ; 21 cm.
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Motivated by comments from neighbors and suggestions from historians he met, the author decided to do this research on the town of Capirato, Sinaloa, in order to rescue its history. This work is divided into three parts: the pre-Hispanic period - which is the longest and where various points are explained ranging from the settlement of the Chuscare group, the original indigenous people, and the territorial area where they settled, as well as their culture -, the colonial era ―which covers nearly three centuries and makes mention of colonization, especially the Jesuit missionaries―, while the last section is dedicated to explaining what has happened in the region in the last two centuries.

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