Códice Borgia: El equilibrio dinámico del cosmos

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CÓDICE BORGIA: EL EQUILIBRIO DINÁMICO DEL COSMOS. / María Elena Landa Ábrego. Puebla, México : Comité de la Feria de Puebla ; Chihuahua, México : Trilenio Editores ; Madrid, España : Ediciones Especiales de Bibliofilia, 1994. 2 volumes : includes illustrations, color facsimiles, bibliography ; 31 cm. ISBN: 9687433000 ; 9687433019 (facsimil).
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The Puebla Fair committee's institutional commitments are to promote and disseminate the cultural values of the region, which is why they present this title that includes 2 volumes in which the so-called Borgia Codex is shown, which is the set of pre-columbian codices. These documents show the legacy of the people transmitted through the centuries in volume 1, which seeks to provide an explanation and analysis of the codex. Of Mixtec-Pueblo origin, the Borgia Codex is written on deerskin folded as a screen in 76 polychrome sheets on white stucco, and here a facsimile is presented with characteristics that emulate the original in volume 2.

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