Conchas y caracoles

By: Lourdes Suárez Diez, Martha Alicia López Díaz.

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CONCHAS Y CARACOLAS : EN LAS PICTOGRAFÍAS DE LA OBRA DE FRAY BERNARDINO DE SAHAGÚN. / Lourdes Suárez Diez, Martha Alicia López Díaz  Lourdes Suárez Diez, Martha Alicia López Díaz. Ciudad de México, México : Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2017. 151 pages : color illustrations, bibliography; 30 cm. (Colección Etnohistoria, Serie Sumaria ; Colección Científica.) ISBN : 9786075350031.
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This work specifically addresses the study of the conchological material in Sahagún's pictographic work, analyzing, observing and trying to interpret the shell in the friar's work. Fray Bernardino de Sahagún had access to the knowledge of the Mexica peoples settled in Tenochtitlán in a close and reliable way because his informants were immersed in the development of this culture. Shells and snails are relevant in the ideological context of indigenous peoples, appearing in pre-hispanic codices, not only as ornaments but as symbols whose meaning provides abundant information about the ideology of the people, being tributes, jewelry and part of the exchange of the trade network, as well as being part of the cosmological conception.

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