Cuentos de varro


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CUENTOS DE VARRO. / Sergio Fong. Jalisco, México : Ediciones del Varrio Xino : La Rueda Cartonera, 2017. 73 pages; 22 cm.
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Sergio Fong is a mexican writer, editor and cultural promoter, director of the literature and visual arts magazine La Rueda de Guanatos. “Cuentos de varro” is a play on words between “barrio" (neighborhood) and "barro" (mud), which can be interpreted as a series of literary reflections based on the author's experience, from his space-time location in real neighborhoods, although immersed in fiction, from Guadalajara and Mexico City. Throughout these 18 stories, the reader can glimpse the neighborhoods and the people who live in them, their daily conflicts. This edition belongs to La Rueda Cartonera, so its manufacture is a handmade work pasted on cardboard.

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