Primer Concurso de Cuento Breve de Rock

By: Isabel Jiménez Camacho, diseño.

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ANTOLOGÍA : PRIMER CONCURSO DE CUENTO BREVE DE ROCK "PARMÉNIDES GARCÍA SALDAÑA". / Varias. Puebla, México : Ediciones Ají, 2018. 94 pages ; 23 cm.
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With the jury made up of Guillermo Briseño, Oscar Alarcón and Beatriz Meyer, the first rock short story contest “Parménides García Saldaña” was held, also known as “the priest of Mexican rock.” With nine participants from Puebla, three from Mexico City, one from Aguascalientes, one from the State of Mexico and another from San Juan del Río, Querétaro, this anthology includes both the winning story and the other 14 finalist stories. The central theme of these texts is focused on the rock movement in Mexico, and its styles are as diverse as its participants, touching on iconic figures such as Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, as well as others from Mexican national rock.

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